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Grizzly Bear/Interior
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Mother Grizz with Triplets

Grizzly Looks Back

Grizzly Standing

Mother Grizzly and Cub

Honey-colored Grizzly Digs Roots

Grazing Autumn Tundra/Sable Valley

Naptime for Mother and Cubs

Two Cubs of Year Nursing Among the Avens

Back Scratchin'/Sable Valley

Grizzly with Yearling/Sable Valley

Grizzly Eats Grass/Sable Valley

Sable Cub as Two Year Old

Two Year Old Cubs Nursing

Grizzly Thoroughfare Pass

Grizzly Digging Roots

Grizzly Eating Roots

Smallest of Triplets Finds its Way

Alaska/Yukon Photo Books by Kathleen M.K. Menke/Crystal Images
Click on specific book title link for inside peeks, reviews, and to order autographed copy directly from the photographer.

Haines for All Seasons
Northern Exposures from
Alaska Reflecting Our Bond
with the Land and Each Other

8.5"x11", 48-pages,
200 original color images
First Edition 2005

Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light
Gifts of the Wild

8.5"x10", 80 pages,
175 original color images,
First Edition 2007

Nature Book of Year 2007
National Finalist Award

Spirits of the North
Two-legged, Four-legged,
Winged, Finned, Rooted, and Flowing

8.5"x10", 80-pages,
200+ original color images
First Edition 2010

Site and all images copyright: ŠKathleen M.K.Menke/Crystal Images

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