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Northern Exposures
Honoring Light and Celebrating Gifts of the Wild

Alaska/Yukon Photo Books by Kathleen M.K. Menke/Crystal Images
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Haines for All Seasons
Northern Exposures from
Alaska Reflecting Our Bond
with the Land and Each Other

8.5"x11", 48-pages,
200 original color images

Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light
Gifts of the Wild

8.5"x10", 80 pages,
175 original color images,

Nature Book of Year
National Finalist Award

Spirits of the North
Two-legged, Four-legged,
Winged, Finned, Rooted, and Flowing

8.5"x10", 80-pages,
200+ original color images

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Alaska, Yukon, Arctic, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Desert Southwest & Beyond
Scenics, Wildlife, Lifestyles, Education, Outdoors, Issues, Concepts
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Fox Kit

Bull Moose/Fireweed

Arctic Ground Squirrel
in Willow/Denali National Park

Wolf Pup Howling
Autumn/Toklat Pack

Muskox/Two Bulls
Arctic Coastal Plain

Kathleen & Rusty Atop Mt. Riley with Haines, Alaska, Behind

Kathleen M.K. Menke, Crystal Images
PO Box 781, Haines, Alaska 99827


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