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Kathleen M.K. Menke/Haines, Alaska

"Spirits of the North"
Two-legged, Four-legged, Winged, Finned, Rooted, and Flowing
by Kathleen M.K. Menke

June 2010

by award-winning photographer Kathleen M.K. Menke
(Book of Year Finalist in category of Nature for "Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light")

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Cover and representative images shown here:

Cover: Spirits of the North
Ft. McPherson/NWT

Red Fox Kit
Denali National Park

Pasque Flower
Miles Canyon, Yukon

Northern Lights/Nitainlaii Territorial Park
Northwest Territories, Canada

White Pass & Yukon RR

About the "Spirits of the North":

Pure essence of northern latitudes,
spirits emerge to touch the deepest parts of one's soul--
human spirits, fox spirits, the spirits of dwarf willows in bloom.
The wind blows through them. Mountains and glaciers surround them.
Shaped by time and terrain, personalities become apparent--
curious, playful, intelligent, industrious, strong.
From the highest icy peaks through multiple rich ecosystems to the coasts,
the seasons sing their song. Light reflects their presence-- individual spirits, inseparable from one another,
forming one, integrated, living, breathing, and powerful whole.

This book is an acknowledgment of spirit, the creative force that infuses everything. Over 200 original images taken in Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories. From the highest mountain peaks to the coasts, spirits of the north emerge to reveal their unique forms and personalities. Images are totally authentic, true to the culture and landscape of the north, and sensitive to spirits of all forms. Features community, wildlife, and scenics along the Klondike, Dempster, and Alaska Highways as well as remote areas of the Alaska, Yukon, and the Arctic.

80-pages, 8 1/2" x 10", 200+ original color images, quality paper, pages sewn, softbound/perfect bound/cover with UV varnish.
ISBN 978-0-9764261-2-7. Published June 2010 by Crystal Images, Haines Alaska. Quality printing by InterPress, Ltd.


"A brilliant photographic tour of Nature and Culture in the Northland."
William E. Brown, author of "History of the Central Brooks Range," Gustavus, Alaska

"The images make me feel like I am right there with you."
Heather Bauchman, Fairbanks

"Spirits of the North covers a huge sprawl of ground, from western Canada to Denali Park. It combines the intimacy and informality of a personal photo album with the dedication and sharp eye of a longtime Alaska photographer. Kathleen Menke's love for the land, its wildlife, and its people shines forth."
--Nick Jans, author of "The Glacier Wolf"

"Spirits of the North." Lovely book, your gentle spirit shows throughout the book, both in your photos and your writings.
--Dena Selby, photographer, Haines, Alaska

"One of my favorite things to do is to slip into the wilds and sit quietly, waiting for the land to come alive with the sounds and movements of the birds and animals. This book allows the reader that experience and inspires us to spend more time seeking out and embracing those spirits."
Lyn Lauenroth, Haines, Alaska

"Outstanding photographs. I like it that this book includes people as well as nature."
Gary Arenson, Haines, Alaska

"Beautiful book. The colors are wonderful and the animals are so near. The photos make me feel as if I'm right there. I can travel from my home."
Betty Smith, White Pine, Michigan

"I gave one of your books to my stepmother for her birthday then another to my father for his. My stepmother calls you a gifted woman and a treasure, and has looked at both books front to back several times. She's hard to buy for. I'm happy that I found something she loves."
Jerrie Clarke, Director, Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center, Haines, Alaska

"Another beautiful insight into Alaskan wildlife. Love the grizzly and her cubs, the young owl, orcas... My daughter, Natasha, was fascinated by the Northern Lights."
Patricia McIlroy, Christchurch, New Zealand

"The theme of 'spirit' is well portrayed in this book. Love all of Menke's books, but this one is my favorite."
Alan Traut, Haines, Alaska

"As I look through the pages of beautiful photos and read the comments, it takes me back to my teaching days in the Northwest Arctic."
Kay Lynn, Montana

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    About the Author/Photographer:

    Kathleen Marie Kennell Menke has been professionally photographing subjects that capture her interest and her heart for over twenty years. Her work has been published in numerous regional, national, and international publications. She has been a resident of Haines, Alaska, for fifteen years. "Spirits of the North" is her third book. Her first photo book, "Haines for All Seasons--Northern Exposures from Alaska Reflecting Our Bond to the Land and Each Other", was published in 2005. Her second book "Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light" received ForeWord Magazines National "Book of Year Finalist Award" in 2007 in the category of "Nature".

    Kathleen and Brandee, Chilkat Pass
    photo by Mark Higgins/Scotland

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