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Custom-printed Wildlife and Scenic Notecards of the North

Wildlife and Scenic notecards with envelopes. Custom-printed.

Cards are printed on folded plain white cardstock with white margin around image.
Inside of cards are blank. Envelopes are included.
Location/description of each image is printed on the lower back of each card.
Envelope dimensions are 4 3/4"x 6 1/2". Sturdy notecards fit envelopes.

Copyright notice on actual images as shown on website are not on actual notecards.

Set of twelve notecards with envelopes: $35 with free shipping.
If you prefer your twelve to be in a combination different than one of each shown, please specify in the comments.

Porcupine in Poplar

Mother Grizzly Plus Three

The Lights Danced and the Wolves Howled

Gray Wolf/Igloo Canyon

Cross Fox/Tombstone Park/Yukon

Sea Otter with Clam/Cordova

Caribou on Tundra Ridge

Dall Sheep/Autumn/Thorofare Pass

Brown Bear Pacing Across Arctic Coastal Plain

Peel River Sunset/Northwest Territories

Muskoxen/Autumn/Arctic Coastal Plain

Double Rainbow/Tombstone Park/Yukon

You may use the "buy now" button below to buy securely with credit card using PayPal.
Specify in comments number of each design(s) to be included in your set(s) if other than one of each.
You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use this option.
If product to be shipped as gift, specify name and mailing address of giftee in the comments.

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You may also mail payment (US funds/US bank check/money order) to:
Kathleen M.K. Menke/Crystal Images, PO Box 781, Haines AK 99827.
Include your name, mailing address (and that of giftee if applicable), number of sets of twelve notecards desired, design or combination of designs preferred of other than one of each shown, and amount enclosed.

Notecards will be shipped by first class or priority mail.

E-mail: Kathleen M.K. Menke/Crystal Images or 907-766-3517 (phone/fax/answering machine).

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