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Hooligan Harvest/Haines, Alaska, May
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Hooligan (eulachon), "saak" in Tlingit, are smelt-like fish that return from the ocean each spring to the rivers in which they were hatched. These fish, also called candlefish, are highly prized for the nutrient- and vitamin-rich oil they contain. The harvesting of hooligan, a Tlingit tradition in Haines, Alaska, and the processing of the fish into hooligan oil require much hard work and cooperation among friends and families, with traditions passed from elders to the youngsters. The return of the hooligan marks the beginning of the subsistence food gathering season. Soon the salmon runs will follow-- kings, sockeye, pinks, coho, and chum. Thank you to the Wilson, Phillips, Jimmie, and Peters families of Haines for sharing their hooligan traditions with me. The hooligan return on the Chilkoot River in the spring of 2006 was one of strongest runs in recent memory.

Harvesters of Hooligan


Sea Lions

Brown Bear Families

Bald Eagles





Hooligan and Ways to Prepare Them

Tub of Hooligan

Fresh Fried on the Beach



Processing the Hooligan into Oil

Ripe from the Pit

Boiled in the Vat

Teens in Training

Skimming off the Oil

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Haines for All Seasons
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First Edition 2005

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First Edition 2010

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