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Kathleen M.K. Menke/Haines, Alaska

"Haines for All Seasons"
Northern Exposures from Alaska--
Reflecting Our Bond to the Land and Each Other
by Kathleen M.K. Menke

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Cover and representative pages shown here:


p4 ..a place of Chilkoot

p5 ..and Chilkat reflections

p6 ..where bears roam

p7 ..peacefully among us

p44 ..where energy flows

p45 ..and to dust returns

p46 ..a place of abundance

p47 ..for all seasons

p48 ..unfolding anew each day

About the Book:

Haines, Alaska, is: a place where five runs of wild salmon still return to natural, healthy watersheds; a community of individuals with unique skills and talents, generously shared; a place with more than a hint of Northern Exposure; a place where cultural traditions endure; the beginning of the trail and the end of the trail--"Dei-shu."

A collection of images reflecting our bond to the land and each other, as seen through the eyes and heart of one photographer, over a period of twenty years, throughout the seasons. Succinct headings provide the themes, reminders of cherished values, for the page spreads. Photographic captions at the bottom of each page provide additional information about each image.

48-pages, 8 1/2" x 11", 200 original color images, quality paper, pages sewn, softbound/perfect bound/cover laminated.
ISBN 0-9764261-0-2. Published by Crystal Images. Printed by InterPress, Ltd.


"A magnificent publication!" Genevieve Hetu, Heritage Communicator, Kluane National Park and Reserve

"A heartfelt vision of Haines, seen through the lens of an insider. Through these images of bears, eagles, mountains, and the people who live among them, Menke's home becomes our own." Nick Jans, Juneau, Alaska, author of The Grizzly Maze

"Photography is A1+ and the environment up there is absolutely smashing. What a place! Everything--wildlife, scenics, people--is first-class." Bruce Litteljohn, photographer, Ontario, Canada, and author of The Sea Within and Islands of Hope

"Haines photographer publishes high-quality photo book" Capital City Weekly, Juneau, Alaska

Capital City Weekly, page 6

"Menke's love for Haines comes through with the clarity of her photos of mountains that step right down to the sea. Haines, just a hop away from Skagway, is a jewel by the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.... You can't miss with Alaska's gorgeous and grand scenery, her bears, eagles, salmon, northern lights and moose....We get a nice peek at the characters who make up your typically idiosyncratic Alaska town.... Alaskans will enjoy this book, perhaps even more than folks elsewhere. You can buy those sanitized coffeetable books at any chain bookstore. Haines for All Seasons offers more.... Menke doesn't wait for people to look at the camera and grin, thank goodness. She's caught them just as they are right in the middle of stringing fish or mending nets. It's the next best thing to being there." Jean McDermott, Northern Book Review, Fairbanks, Alaska

"Menke has spent twenty years photographing the breath-taking array of nature and wildlife and the relationship of the people to its abundance. She shares with us her celebration of the very essence of life in Alaska. Haines is unique in what it has to offer, but it is representative of much of the "Last Frontier," and this fabulous collection of photos with their descriptive headings and narrative will show you why I choose to call Alaska home. I highly recommend it." Beverly J. Rowe, Kenai, Alaska, Reviewer,

"Haines for All Seasons--Northern Exposures from Alaska Reflecting Our Bond to the Land and Each Other consists of 48 pages showcasing 200 color images of the wildlife, lands, and people of Haines, Alaska. This is a beautiful setting where nature's glory in all the seasons of the year are to be observed and celebrated. The photography ranges from the charming to the breath-taking to the inherently fascinating as author/photographer Kathleen Menke reveals what she has managed to capture with camera lens and an artist's eye over the last twenty years....a visual tour-de-force armchair traveler through some of the best that Alaska has to offer." Small Press Bookwatch, James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

"Our small Alaskan community's wildness, beauty, and vanishing lifestyle are uniquely documented here with two decades of images representing the values that led us to call this place home and keep us here. I highly recommend this well-crafted book to anyone and everyone." Edward May, Executive Producer, Alaskan Life Portraits/Insight Passage Productions

"This is a wonderful book!" Christy Tengs-Fowler, lifetime Haines resident & owner/manager of Bamboo Room Restaurant & Pioneer Bar

"I like the way the book integrates the photography, the geography, and the spiritual. It's good to view the images of elders who are no longer with us. It's a very historical moment that you've captured." Margaret Plucker, Haines resident

"Such an excellent labor of love!" Maise Jones, Haines resident

"It's home." Harriett Brouillette

"Your book stirred deeply in me that yearning for the North--as though I "wanted to go home." I cherished the people pictures, doing what they do, instead of posing prettily." Celeste Neuffer, Spanish Fork, Alabama

"This is the best book I've seen with photos." Linda Wood, Kansas City tourist at book signing in Skagway, Alaska

"I am the North Carolina customer who bought your book about a month ago. I loved every photo." Eric Juda

"What a place! What a community of beautiful pioneers! Your book brings back lovely memories of places I've hiked and some people I've met...thank you for the images and the memories of your home and its people." Rayma Kaplansky, Vero Beach, Florida

"We are really enjoying this wonderful book, as we plan our first trip to Alaska with a two-week stay in Haines." Wayne Kehe, Wheaton, Illinois

"A great work of art!" Polly Budke, Haines resident

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    About the Author/Photographer:

    Kathleen Marie Kennell Menke has been professionally photographing subjects that capture her interest and her heart for over twenty years.

    The journey brought her to Haines, Alaska, for the first time in the early 1980's. The friendly community and the wildness of its natural surroundings drew her back many times during various seasons until she decided it would take a lifetime to complete this northern adventure.

    She moved to Haines as a permanent resident in the winter of 1995-1996. During the years since, she has been building herself a small home on the edge of town where she also operates her photography and publishing business, Crystal Images.

    She is frequently observed walking the trails and beaches of the Chilkat Valley with her Haines 57 companion, Brandee Klukshu Small Tracks.

    Her work has been published in numerous regional, national, and international publications.

    Photographer Self-Portrait with Brandee
    Sunset/Chilkat Beach

    Photographer Self Portrait with Brandee
    On Mt. Riley with Chilkat River/Haines/Lynn Canal Behind

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