Brown Bear Siblings/Lutak
Chilkoot Estuary/Late Summer

Chilkoot Lake
Winter Reflection

Spawning Sockeye Salmon
Bear Creek/Upper Chilkoot

Fisheries/Watershed Credentials
Kathleen M.K. Menke


  • B.A. Biology/Chemistry/Secondary Teaching Certificate UNC, Greeley, Colorado 1969

  • Water/Wastewater Treatment Operations and Collection/Distribution System Technician Courses: 1980's

  • Class A Certification Water Treatment, Colorado; Class A Certification Wastewater Treatment, Colorado; Class II Water Collection System Technician, Colorado; Class II Sewage Distribution System, Colorado: 1980's

  • Graduate Courses (equivalent hours to a Master's Degree) in environmental education, natural resources, fisheries biology, photography, journalism, computers, communications, graphic design: UNC, CU, CSU, CMC (Colorado) and BSU (Idaho)


  • President, Crystal Valley Environmental Protection Association, Carbondale, Colorado; successfully kept Crystal River free of Placita Dam and Diversion project and upheld the legality of Colorado's minimum streamflow law, 1980s

  • Water Efficiency Researcher and Writer, Rocky Mountain Institute (working with Amory Lovins), Snowmass, Colorado, 1980s

  • Salmon Recovery Work with Natural Resources Information Center (Ed Chaney), Idaho Idaho Deparment of Fish and Game, Idaho Rivers United (Charlie Ray), Sawtooth Wildlife Council, Trout Unlimited, and Save Our Wild Coalition (Pat Ford), Idaho, early 1990s


  • Award from the State of Colorado, Department of Fish and Game for work on firming up the legality of the minimum streamflow law in Colorado which was challenged on the Crystal River near Carbondale, resulting in hundreds of miles of protected waters in Colorado for fisheries protection

  • Award from the State of Colorado for Outstanding Contribution to the Quality of Waters in State of Colorado for work (five years) as Water and Wastewater Treatment Operator in Colorado

  • Award from Idaho for outstanding contributions to Idaho's environment for work on salmon recovery issues

  • Scholarship Award to Alaska Chapter of American Fisheries Society Annual Conference, Anchorage, Alaska

    Fisheries/Watershed Work:

  • Water Quality Analysis, White River National Forest, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

  • Aquatic Ecology Teacher, Colorado Mountain College, Glenwood Srpings, Colorado

  • Biology/Aquatic Ecology Teacher, Rocky Mountain High School, Carbondale, Colorado

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations (five years), Colorado

  • Writer, Operations Manuals, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Colorado

  • Writer, Water Efficiency Papers, RMI, Snowmass, Colorado

  • Freelance Writer/Photographer, watershed and fisheries issues in Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, the West and Pacific Northwest, numerous regional and national publications

  • Article, Bacterial Kidney Disease, Fisheries Magazine (American Fisheries Society Journal)

  • Information and Education Technician, Soil Conservation District, Cascade, Idaho

  • Information Displays for Idaho Deparment of Fish and Game, Boise, Idaho

  • Publisher of Idaho's Sockeye Scene and Idaho's Salmon Scene (two years), quarterly newsletter, Idaho, in close conjunction with Idaho Department of Fish and Game, tribes, non-profit organizations, businesses, and state and federal agencies

  • Served (voting member) Bonneville Power' Sockeye Technical Oversight Committee of Snake and Columbia River Salmon Projects, Public Interest Representative


    Bill Johnson, Hydrologist, Earth Resources, Markleeville, California

    Bill Hamman, Water and Wastewater Engineer, Westwater Engineering, Grand Junction, Colorado

    Virgil Moore, Assisstant Director, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Boise, Idaho

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