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Kathleen M.K. Menke/Haines, Alaska

"Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light"
Gifts of the Wild
by Kathleen M.K. Menke

First Edition Released: Spring 2007

ForeWord Magazine's "Nature" Book of Year Finalist 2007

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Cover and representative images shown here:

Front Cover,
Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light

Alaska Wild,
Young Black Wolf

Alaska Light,
Dall Sheep Ram

Brown Bear, Aichilik River Valley, Coastal Plain,
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Late June

About the Book:

Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light is:
The dramatically increasing light of spring, transforming the landscape;
The light that quickens the urge to migrate, mate and bring forth young;
The light of blooming color;
The force that cycles the seasons;
The energy that connects the region's beings to each other;
The light of an approaching storm, the aurora borealis, and the midnight sun;
The light of pure creative energy reflected from wild eyes into our own.

This book is a celebration of light and all that flows from it--especially the awakening, quickening light of spring in the far north that creates dramatic changes in the landscape each day. With Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light, Menke shares her "gifts of the wild," and by doing so, provides inspiration for further explorations and appreciation of the abundant natural riches of the far north.

80-pages, 8 1/2" x 10", 175 original color images, quality paper, pages sewn, softbound/perfect bound/cover with UV varnish.
ISBN 0-9764261-1-0. First Edition. To be released 2007. Published by Crystal Images. Printed by InterPress, Ltd.


"I just do not have enough space to comment on your expert creations of the subject of light." Dr. Bert Thomas, Biology Professor, Greeley, Colorado

"I just had to say thanks! I've spent a fair amount of my spare time in the last 50 years "capturing the light" ... and your new book does just that ... at a place near and dear to my heart and spirit." Richard Voss, Refuge Manager, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

"The book is incredible. The photography is gorgeous. Am eagerly awaiting your next one." Maggie Kilmer, Skagway, Alaska

"I am in awe that someone who does such fabulous photography can also write so well. You have to be quiet and see the moment to capture these images. I'll be ordering more for family and friends." Patricia Rose, San Diego, California

"I made my way through your book slowly and carefully, page by page, as soon as it arrived. I love the way it captures the essence and beauty of the northern wild, and the tenderness in so many of your photographs, the obvious passion you bring to your work here in the home country. I feel honored that you brought a passage from my writing into the book." Richard K. Nelson, Sitka, Alaska, Author of "The Island Within" and "Make Prayers to the Raven" and host of NPR's northern natural history program "Encounters"

"Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light--Gifts of the Wild offers readers a wonderful collage of photographs that captures the beauty of light in the Far North. Through the seasons, Kathleen Menke gives us glimpses of an amazing diversity of flora and fauna, with stunning views of wilderness, from the Chilkat River and Denali Park, to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is a book that truly celebrates life in the Far North and the magical light that sustains it." Debbie Miller, Fairbanks, Alaska, Author of "Midnight Wilderness"

"These vivid images eloquently reflect the beauty of this luminous land. Kathleen's lens is a reverent portal." Tim Shields, Artist/Wildlife Biologist, Haines, Alaska

"A beautiful work of art. Photographs show that pure beauty of wilderness and wild things." Dr. Paul Richards, Author/Biologist, Greeley, Colorado

"Featured book in the June 2007 online issue of "Small Press Bookwatch". Very highly recommended for personal and professional collections. Full color photographs of wildlife and landscapes that demonstrate and illustrate the beauty of the far north in a variety of natural light situations." James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Small Press Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review, Oregon, Wisconsin

"Takes the reader to another place, a peaceful, quiet, and natural place. Time spent perusing the pages of this book will bring a spiritual calm to the reader and an all-encompassing joy of nature. Kathleen Menke is a master of light photogrpahy and this book is highly recommended as a gift for one's self or a friend." Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review, Ontario, Canada

"After looking through all the books at the Museum of the North in Fairbanks, Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light is the one I purchased. I love this book." Leah Mancini, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous." Wendy, Veteran Park Shuttle Bus Driver, Denali National Park

"A superb book illustrating the depth of the beauty of nature in Alaska and the Yukon! Accurate and sensitive glimpses of the lives of bears, wolves, beavers, snowshoe hares and the energy of light throughout as it flows through earth and sky. Stunning photos of tundra wildflowers!" Gary and Henriette Arenson, Haines, Alaska

"Fine work!" Paul Crawford, Outdoor Photographer, Grand Junction, Colorado

"A fine introduction to an exceptional area! Kathleen Menke makes fascinating wildlife photos and has a great eye for light. Perhaps even more important, she loves the land and reminds us all of its value and our need to care for it. Kathleen celebrates the wild north of both Alaska and Canada in Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light." Bruce Litteljohn, Author/Photographer, Ontario, Canada

"We did receive the book and would like to carry it in our bookstore we will be making an order soon." Kip Peterson, Director of Operations, The Murie Center, Moose, Wyoiming

"Nice photos. I see and appreciate your sensitivity to the animals." Art John, Tagish First Nations Elder/Musician/Naturalist/Cowboy, Tagish, Yukon

"Outstanding!" Bruce Gilbert, Haines, Alaska

"Excellent photos! Lots of familiar scenes. I love it." Drew McCalley, Sierra Club Group Leader/Arctic Backpacking Trips, Menlo Park, California

"I love this book! Kathleen Menke has seen the most amazing things and thank goodness she is doing this work and inspiring others to want to save these beautiful places! Megan Varelles, North Carolina

"I can feel the quiet." Scott Hansen, Haines, Alaska

"Just beautiful--the pictures, the narrative, all of it!" Charlene Dunn, Salt Lake City, Utah

"This book is on my coffee table for everyone to see. Please send me two more as gifts. And I'll be ordering more." Marguerite Dunbar, Mandeville, Louisiana

"I like your first book, and this one even more." Alan Traut, Haines, Alaska

"The writing is just as beautiful as the photos." Holly Asher, Blanding, Utah

"This is the nicest book I've ever seen. Gorgeous photos--not just one or two--but all of them!" Polly Budke, Haines, Alaska

"Magnificant!" Tom and Maureen Griffith, Shelburne, Vermont

"Spectacular photography." Barb and Roger Maynard, Fiddlestix Graphics, Alaska

"Wonderful book." Erleen Lloyd, Haines, Alaska

"Absolutely beautiful. And it's got a good feeling to it." P.M., Carbondale, Colorado

"The photographs in these books are the nicest I've ever seen." Frank Draeger, Haines, Alaska

"This is a great book. I really love this book." Jeffrey Weiss, 9 years old, Jackson, New Jersey

"Themes of springtime in Denali, Alaska, Yukon, and the Arctic are celebrated. Menke captures the midnight sun and the immensity and severity of the treeless Arctic along the Jago and Aichilik Rivers in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge at summer solstice. Includes flora, fauna, glaciers, northern lights, and seasonal changes. One prize, among many full-page images, is a shot of a young black wolf who stopped briefly to gaze at her with wild yellow eyes."Chilkat Valley News, April 5, 2007

"Highlights wildlife in Denali National Park and the midnight sun in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and includes many images from Southeast Alaska and the Yukon. The theme is light in the far north and all that flows from it." Excerpt: "Winter's light, frozen light, is only sleeping, like the great mother bears denned up in dark hollows with their newly born cubs. Like the arctic ground squirrels, hibernating precariously, in grassy burrows between the frozen surface above them and the permafrost layer below them." Anchorage Daily News, May 6, 2007

"I hope this book will inspire others to spend some extended quiet time in the wilds of the far north and be reminded of these natural treasures and our need to care for them. The perfect git for sharing the light, life and landscape of the far north with someone you love." The Author

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    About the Author/Photographer:

    Kathleen Marie Kennell Menke has been professionally photographing subjects that capture her interest and her heart for over twenty years. Her work has been published in numerous regional, national, and international publications. She has been a resident of Haines, Alaska, for fifteen years. Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light is her second book. Her first photo book, "Haines for All Seasons--Northern Exposures from Alaska Reflecting Our Bond to the Land and Each Other", was published in 2005.

    Kathleen M.K. Menke, Lupine

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